Finding The Ancient Path e-book

Ed Doss
What began as a research paper on religious tradition quickly morphed into a book about how my own Christian faith had been hi-jacked by man-made teachings and traditions that are as ancient as the faith itself. Needless to say, the journey has been the most faith-building experience of my Christian life. I simply cannot put into words the excitement of discovering answers to the questions that I have had for my entire adult life. It honestly felt like I was being converted to Christ all over again.Much of my New Testament understanding felt so unrealized. I lived with so many questions that I never thought would be answered until I was with Jesus. It was not until I finally began to understand my Old Testament that the New Testament blossomed for me and I was able to bridge the two together. It was the combination of these bridges that began to open my eyes more and more to the importance of the Law of the Lord as it pertained to my Christian walk.