Reclaiming the Rapture e-book

Douglas Hamp & Chris Steinle
Former Pretrib Teachers Dr. Douglas Hamp and Chris Steinle take you on a journey through the entire Bible showing verse after verse detailing the timing of rapture and also how the gathering concerns the commonwealth of Israel. It’s time to reclaim God’s original intent for the rapture.

Explore dozens of verses that clearly state the timing of the rapture.
Discover God’s plan to reunite the two houses of Israel, and how the gathering applies to the Church.
Consider the connection between the rapture and the promised redemption of the body.
What others are saying about this book:

This book is worth its weight in gold. I never felt comfortable with the pre-tribulation rapture. Why? I could never nail it down in the scriptures. Pastors were evasive and told me that it was there, just believe it. It is the dogma of the Evangelical church. Well the lid is off the pot now. This book exposes it for what it is.....not scriptural, nor truth. Doug Hamp goes over every pre-tribulation argument, verse and precept down to the molecular level. You can't miss his point, nor the issues he is addressing. Crystal clear and supported by scripture. It changed me and my mind completely. Gave me freedom from doubt. Oh, there is a rapture....but it is when Christ returns. Not before. Proof that traditional church dogma is not truth. Truth is the word of God correctly applied, with full knowledge of the Hebrew and Greek language. Foreshadows are not truth, but mere conjecture. Read it and be amazed. The truth does set us free. Well researched and scholarly presented for the lay reader by a master of the Hebrew language.