Sukkot 2021 (5781) A Multi-Congregational Feast!

Come join us for a spiritually refreshing and fun week of Sukkot at Cherry Creek reservoir (Arapahoe group site sept 20-28)! This multi-congregational event will focus on loving one another, unity, with an interactive morning Bible study in 1 John, communal meals, games and activities to know each other better, campfire worship & testimonies,  and more. There will also be lots of children’s activities.
  • We have incorporated a lot of free time to enjoy the park: (fishing, boating, horseback riding, swimming, shooting range, dog park, hiking, biking- see cherry creek reservoir’s website for details on costs)
  • The watching of online services for shabbat
  • We are open to your ideas and skills -  what can you share with us?
Trailers with full hook-ups: $42 per night or $164 for all 8 nights - limit 6 per night
Tents: $28 per night or $124 for all 8 nights- limit 12 per night
Visitors: $5 per person or $10 per family per visit
All vehicles must have a park pass that is good for one year to all state parks
Spaces will be reserved when payment is received and specific spots will be first come, first serve. Priority will go to those who are choosing to spend the whole week. Payment can be made via check made out to Roeh Israel , cash or electronic means to Debra Green.
Cherry Creek Reservoir is located at 3800 S Parker Rd. Be sure to use the Parker Rd at Lehigh entrance. Drive to the Ranger kiosk, if you’ve already purchased a park pass, you can use the left lane to go through. If you’ve not, use the right lane to get your pass. If it is closed, just come on through where you can.
Take the first right. (Sign will tell you campground.) Take the next right (there will be a brown sign pointing towards campground) after the sign. Go straight at the fork in the road and you will see a one way loop and yield sign. Take the loop past Abilene Loop, past a building on the right and continue to the left on the circle. (You will have gone around most all of the circle.) Take a right and go straight past the Cottonwood
Grove loop, pass the Buffalo Loop on the left. Drive past the curve and the Arapahoe group site is on the right.

King Soopers is three minutes away. Take Parker Road North (left) from the Reservoir exit until you come to it on the right at Peoria St. at 3190 S Parker, Aurora

Wal-Mart Supercenter
Take Parker Road south (right) until you come to Chambers Road. Turn
left of Chambers Road and Wal-mart is immediately on the right. 5650 S
Parker Rd, Aurora

Closest Walgreen’s
Take the Parker Road exit north (left) out of the park and take the exit
on Hampden Avenue headed east (right). Go to Chambers Road and
there is a Walgreens on the right. 15320 E Hampden Ave., Aurora

Things to bring

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Things you must bring
  1. Bible
  2. Charcoal
  3. Food to share for ALL meals
  4. Flash lights, matches, 
  5. Warm clothing
  6. Own plates, cups, etc. for meals.
  7.  ETC.
Optional  / recommended items
  1. Bicycles and tire pump
  2. Swim wear (depending on weather)
  3. Lawn games (frisbees, croquet, bocce, etc.,)  
  4. Table games
  5.  Gas containers and gas rings (last year we couldn’t burn wood, so we had to get a gas container and a ring for the fire pit).
  6. Bring your shofars, lulav and etrogs!

Note: Dogs are welcome but they must be on a leash at all times, which is a park rule. 


All meals are meant to be shared together. There will have activities at each meal. At every meal, you are to bring something to share
that is biblically clean. Please do not bring any food items that are considered unclean (pork, shellfish) or any food items that may contain any unclean items. 
Be aware that most hot dogs and sausages use pork casings. We will light the grill for dinner only. I will have a kettle available to make hot water for coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Please bring drink items to share as well. I’ll have extra cups, napkins and plates available but please bring your own dishes and utensils. There will be a place where you can place extra snacks to share so you can nibble throughout the day. 
We get to burn wood this year, so feel free to bring items to make your favorites in the campfire at night!

Tentative Schedule

Sukkot 2021
Schedule at Cherry Creek Reservoir
If you are not camping with us, please come join us anyway! $5.00 person or $10 family

Monday, Sept 20 - arrive anytime after 1:00 PM to the Arapahoe site.
5-6 PM Sukkot Dedication Service
6-8 PM Dinner with Question Drawn
8-10 PM Campfire Time: Testimony Time, Praise and Worship

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: Sept 21, 22, 23 and Sunday and Monday, Sept 26 & 27
Before 8 AM - alone time with the Lord- join in the sukkah for Amidah prayers
8-9 AM- Hallel Prayers (click), Breakfast, Lulav and Etrog Waving
9-10:30 AM - I John Bible Study & Discussion
10:30AM - Children’s Time: Serving Family, Serving Friends, Serving Neighbors, Serving Yeshua
12:00-1:00PM Ecclesiastes Midrash
1-2 PM Lunch potluck and Icebreaker
2-3 PM Sharing Time: Monday- Or Chaim, Tuesday: Biblical Conservation, Wednesday:
Messianic Dance, Thursday and Sunday: Powerful Prayer, Monday: Tzitit Making and Teaching
3-5 PM Free Time
5-6 PM Sukkot Games for All Ages
6-8 PM BBQ potluck - bring meat to grill and side to share / Question Draw
8-10 PM Campfire Time: Testimony Time, Praise and Worship

Friday, Sept 24
Before 8 AM - alone time with the Lord- join in the sukkah for Amidah prayers
8-9 AM - Hallel Prayers Breakfast, Lulav and Etrog Waving
9-10:30 AM- I John Bible Study & Discussion
10:30AM- Children’s Time: ”Serving Community”
12:00-1:00PM Ecclesiastes Midrash
1-2 PM Lunch potluck and Icebreaker
2-3 PM Sharing Time:3-5 PM Free Time
5-6 PM Sukkot Games for All Ages
6-7 Dinner- BBQ Potluck, bring meat and side dish to share
7 PM Shabbat Service with Roeh Israel Online at Park with Communion

Saturday, Sept 25
Before 8 AM- alone time with the Lord- Join in the sukkah for Amidah prayers
8-9 AM- Hallel Prayers, Breakfast, Lulav and Etrog Waving
10:00 AM Shabbat Service Online with The Way at Park
12-1 Ecclesiastes Midrash
1-2 Lunch: bring items to share, Icebreaker
2-6 PM Free Time
6-8 PM BBQ potluck - bring meat to grill and side to share / Question Draw
8-10 PM Campfire Time: Testimony Time, Praise and Worship

Tuesday, Sept 26
Before 8 AM- alone time with the Lord
8-9 AM Breakfast: Bring anything you have left to share, Ending Remarks
Help clean up and check out by noon
Celebrate Simchat Torah (Roeh Israel)


Every male will write their name on a blue  piece of paper, and every female will write their name on a pink piece of paper.  All of the papers with names will go into a hat and be passed around, with each person taking a name of their same sex. Everyone must keep the name of their person secret for the duration of Sukkot.
The purpose of this is to bless the person whose name you have daily, either by writing them a note, or giving them a small gift. Every night at dinner the items will be placed in a designated area and handed out. The person whose name you have is your “mortal” and you are blessed by your “angel”. Above all else, pray for your “mortal” every day. At the end of the week, we will reveal who your angels were.

Corona Protocol

It is important that the health and safety of everyone attending during this ongoing Corona
outbreak is priority. Thus, a protocol has been developed to hep stop the spread during our
season of joy!
First of all, please pray for everyone during this time, that we will all be able to have an
incredible time without any illness of any kind.
If any participant displays any COVID symptoms during their stay at Cherry Creek Reservoir,
the host, Debra Green, will be notified immediately by cell at 720-633-2794 and self-isolate. A
rapid test will be provided and the participant will self administer by carefully following the
directions. The test results, regardless of result, will be called in to Debra’s cell as soon as they
are shown. (The rapid test takes about 15 minutes.) If a participant is shown positive, then the
participant agrees to leave the site immediately and not return during the Sukkot holiday. Those
who have come with the participant may choose to stay as long as they are not exhibiting any
The wearing of a mask during this time is YOUR choice. Everyone should respect an
individual’s decision. Please continue to utilize common sense during this time and wash
your hands frequently, and notify Debra if the bathroom is in need of any supplies to maintain a
clean and healthy environment for all.
General Considerations
Please keep in mind that this is a multi-congregational event with people attending from
various backgrounds, opinions and growth. We are allowed to disagree theologically with each
other, but we are never allowed to not love each other. Please understand that everyone
helping out are volunteers whom have chosen to bless us with their gifts and time. Every one of
them should receive nothing but thanks and appreciation for all they have done, even if you are
not in agreement with them. Please choose to be a blessing by giving positive feedback and
practice giving words of encouragement to everyone. Offer to help where you can to make this
a blessed time for everyone.
Sukkot is during our season of JOY! Keep it that way! I’ve put together a schedule that if you
choose to participate, should give us the right balance of time to have fun, time to study, and
time to be a blessing. Do not think that you must participate in everything on the schedule.
You may have opportunities to minister to other people and the L-rd may be doing awesome
things outside of the set schedule. Please do feel the need to explain to anyone, why you are
choosing to do something or not. We are open to whatever the L-rd has in store for us and we
expect many great things to happen in all of our lives!